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The Good Thymes

The Good Thymes is the brainchild of Fady Aziz; designer by day and nature-lover around the clock, Fady sought a project that would take him away from his desk and screen, closer to earth and his birthplace in the countryside of Southern Lebanon. His love for the distinctive savour of Lebanese thyme lead him to start an agriculture venture in Kfar-Hoûné and its surroundings, where he procured a number of abandoned centenarian terraces and set up a zaatar farm.

Once the zaatar shrubs planted, Fady set off on a journey with the best chefs and specialists in Beirut to take the wild herb beyond its savoury potential. A wide range of high-quality dry thyme mixes, spices and other creations were concocted, either based on traditional local recipes or freshly imagined fusions, all celebrating the authentic Lebanese flavours.

Keeping up the good traditions of homemade products, all The Good Thymes goods are handmade, all-natural, free from artificial colours or flavours, and without any additives or preservatives. Being a wild herb, Lebanese thyme needs nothing more than the naturally fertile soil of the South, sunlight and clean water to thrive.

The Good Thymes thrives to be more than the go-to shop for top-grade thyme mixes, it is determined to offer a savoury voyage around thyme, revealing the authentic taste of Lebanon, whether in the online store, the workshop in Kfar-Hoûné, or the stands in food festivals and fairs.


Haramoun is produced exclusively from a single estate in Rashaya el Foukhar village in South Lebanon. The Maalouf family, under the expert custody of Ghayth Maalouf, have owned and cultivated this land for generations, and bring a time honoured mastery naturally organic extra virgin olive oil.

Called Mount Hermon by the ancient Canaanites after their word for “forbidden” or “sacred”, the Mountain was revered well into the Roman era as the abode of the god Baal-Hadad, as attested to this day by the 30 temples and shrines that lay scattered along its slopes. To this day its local name, “Jabal el Sheikh”, or Mountain of the Sheikh, teases a hint of its enigmatic past.

At its foothills, fed by Mount Haramoun’s meltwaters, lie the pristine olive groves of the village of Rachaya el Foukhar. Amongst the 6 recognised olive growing regions in Lebanon, Rachaya El Foukhar’s altitude, climate, and natural environment combine to produce one of Lebanon’s finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Haramoun Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified organic by the UK Soil Association. Our groves are farmed without the use of industrially prepared pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilisers. Our olives are then hand picked and the oil cold extracted and bottled entirely in the village of Rashaya el Foukhar in South Lebanon - promoting small producers and sustainable organic farming.

Senteurs D'Orient

The story of Senteurs d’Orient begins with our founder, Hana, who wished to share the exquisite beauty and rich soap-making history of Lebanon with the world. Raised in Tokyo and making her home in Beirut, Hana sought to honour the bathing rituals of the Orient. Through our artisan-made soaps, everyone can experience the treasured scents and traditional craftsmanship of the region she loves.

In the heart of the oldest soap-making region of the world, Senteurs d’Orient aimed to create the finest handcrafted soap, fusing Japanese sophistication and Middle Eastern sensuality with the most indulgent and precious fragrances.

Sharing the same passions, Hana’s daughter, Sarah, joined the company to expand her mother’s story with her fresh vision and continue their commitment to social responsibility. Named a U.N. Women “Champion for Change,” Senteurs d’Orient is dedicated to helping educate and empower women in Lebanon.

Images d’Orient

In 2000, we were back home, back to our roots, back to our beloved memories! Everything is modernized, everything disappears, to create a new aesthetic where our roots fade. Together we sketch the path to avoid this loss. A new venture started between a brother and a sister, that is the moment when Images d'Orient was born.

Images d'Orient is a contemporary concept paying tribute to the legacy of past civilizations and Mediterranean heritage. We believe in a world where diversity is embraced, where modern is a resonance of ancient. 20 years after the creation of the brand, Images d’Orient opened its first boutique in the heart of Beirut, in March 2019.

Dear Nostalgia

Adra Kandil is a female visual artist and communications designer known as Dear Nostalgia. Born in the autumn of 1993, and raised in Beirut, her artistic inclination began on a trip to Barcelona where she received her undergraduate degree in Creative Advertising & Branding at IED Barcelona, followed by a Master's degree in Coolhunting, Design and Global Trends from Elisava Barcelona

Booming on Instagram with over 35K followers, Adra combines nostalgic, dreamy images with culturally relevant cues, showcasing a visual commentary on modern-day issues. Her work contrasts a retro aesthetic with bright pop colors, and modern typography, aiming to provide a visual representation of her struggle and aspirations as a generation. She would describe her work as a recollection of memories, creating visual letters to the past, present, and future. 

A juxtaposition of vintage and present-day photographs that express and explore her relationship with home, childhood, and her constant search for identity as a woman. Her artwork addresses issues related to culture, gender equality, high-end fashion, current social and trending issues, female empowerment in the Middle East and Lebanon.


Everythink is a family business that is the outcome of 30 years of experience in the world of smart and creative party games, stationery, and fun items.

The collaboration between the talents of our in-house team in Beirut and our network of Lebanese artisans and small businesses brings to life a sizzling selection of unique products made with love by locally sourced and sustainable materials. 

Everythink is a place you go to explore, a place where it's fun to shop. We try to inspire our community to try new things, to be creative, and to enjoy themselves with the people they love.

We design & creates happy moments in Lebanon and spreads this happiness across Lebanon and the GCC markets through distributors and retailers.

Kaph Books

Founded in 2015, Kaph Books is a publishing house based in Beirut, Lebanon, specialized in quality art books – photography, fine arts – on Middle-Eastern artists or art practices

Each book is unique, created in collaboration with the artist and the contributors, with high technical and design quality

Our mission is to promote the talent of artists from the region – whether they gained international recognition or are still emerging.

Hubert Fattal

Hubert Fattal is foremost a creator of atmosphere. His intention is to take you on a poetic olfactory journey. His works are like pages of his personal notebooks, reflecting on magical moments, bright memories, inspiring travels and life changing encounters. A path to unforgettable sensations. A sunset on the Indian Ocean, a storm in the Barouk Cedars, or an Oriental Mediterranean tune. With a scent, a universe takes form, an emotion is triggered. Conceived by Hubert Fattal. Developed by expert perfumers in Grasse, France. Carefully assembled by hand in Lebanon.

Blatt Chaya

Edgard Chaya is the driving force at BlattChaya, a company, it has been said, is behind the revival of traditional colored cement tiles in Lebanon. Having supposedly retired after a long and successful career in finance, Edgard kept busy tending to his organic vegetable garden and occasionally sailing out onto the Mediterranean to his favorite fishing spot. This fairytale retirement would not last very long as he inadvertently stumbled upon a small box that would eventually lead him to rediscover a dormant family business that he previously knew very little about. 

BlattChaya was initially founded in 1881, operated through three generations, and had closed down sometime in the 1940’s. Edgard grew fascinated by what he learned as it ignited in him memories of his ancestors. Being an accomplished handyman, it was only natural for him to research the process and techniques of this long forgotten art form. It took an old man’s patience, persistence and perseverance, with a good 6 year dose of trial and error, to successfully lead Edgard Chaya to produce tiles exactly as his grandfather used to. Using the same traditional ingredients, natural colors and hand motions, 

What had started out as a hobby, quickly caught the interest of friends and acquaintances, architects and restoration experts alike. Such stories rarely stay secret for very long, and through word of mouth, demand for traditional colored cement tiles picked up. No one ever imagined, that some 60 odd years after the last tiles had come off the press, BlattChaya would start production again.Thanks to the passion of Edgard Chaya, and his insistence on using the time honored attention to detail through his grandfather’s exact same hand movements, BlattChaya has grown to become a purveyor of traditional colored cement tiles in Lebanon, and indeed, the world.


We are a home fragrance & lifestyle brand, exploring the boundaries between emotional scents & modern objects. We revive the memory of ancient Mediterranean civilizations by bringing their stories to modern times.

Our candles are infused with the warmth of Mediterranean scents & are handcrafted by local artists with emotional ties to the sea.

"As we navigate through changing times, we all look for an escape, we seek a sense of connexion with the world around us, with memories that tie us to places or people we call home.

I was born in Mediterrannean, where endless civilisations left an imprint, a strong heritage of art & architecture.

I recall the fertile soils growing endless raw materials while connecting mountains & sea. Smells of citrus trees, aromatic herbs and spices intertwining at the soft breeze of white flowers & orange blossoms as they ornament the fierce gaze of cedar trees... Scents were always sensory to me; they spoke the language of shape, color & design.

I have created CÉLÕÉ to be reminded of home in the hopes of sending some warmth your way. After all, lighting a candle has always been solemn."

~ Elsa

The Trove

Delve into The Trove where you can discover a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. 

The Trove applies its expertise in handcrafted marquetry to create unique and statement pieces that harmonize with contemporary lifestyles.

Studio Kunukku

Studio Kunukku is a multi-disciplinary design studio telling stories of communities through lost and endangered crafts. We seek to honor, curate, and creates new designs through age-old techniques and slow-fashion methods. Beginning with interpreting Syrian designs, we cast light on the rich history of the region and the importance of cultural heritage passed through generations.


LAMSA, which means ‘touch’ in Arabic, celebrates the special touch of refugees and Lebanese artisans. All items are designed to showcase the artisans’ LAMSA, crafting unique wearables meant to be worn with love and care. 

LAMSA preserves craft in conflict and leverages creativity and design as survival tools. Majority of the artisans learned traditional crochet techniques from their mothers and grandmothers as children, but never had the opportunity to use or advance their skills. The initiative is also training younger women who never had the chance to gain this generational knowledge. 

LAMSA is the wearable collection of the Crochet Community Collective, a self-reliance initiative developed by refugee-led NGO Multi-Aid Programs in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. The collective supports the livelihood of 50 refugees and Lebanese artisans. 

100% of proceeds support the artisans, with the remaining profits funding a MAPs refugee primary school located in an informal tented settlement in Bekaa Valley.