Oval Bowl Large - Silver


The artisanal copper and brass trade in Lebanon stretches back centuries. Centred in the Northern city of Tripoli, artisans in old workshops hammer brass and copper sheets into shape. The sound of the hammers beating the copper creates a symphony in the streets. One of these workshops belongs to Hassoun and Sons, a family business keeping this traditional craft alive in the face of the harshest of odds.

This handmade oval bowl in a silver colour is a wonderful way to bring this traditional craft into your home. Multi-functional, it can be used for serving nuts, sweets and other snacks, as a jewellery tray by your bedside, a key tray, or in any other way you can imagine. It can either be purchased alone or as part of a set of 3 with the copper and gold bowls to create a beautiful setting for your bedside, console or coffee table. 

Care Instructions

Not dishwasher safe. Handwash in cold water and with a soft cloth.

Polish regularly with copper cleaner, or a homemade solution of lemon juice and salt (3 parts lemon, 1 part salt and stir). Dip a clean cloth into the lemon/salt solution and wipe the surface of the copper gently. Be careful not to be too abrasive when wiping.

For best results seal with a copper oil after cleaning.